Choosing Bewtween New or Used Office Chair

After certain period, the furniture in office need some upgrade and change to new badge of furniture. Office chairs are the furniture that often needs changes. It is challenging to look for cheap and good quality office chairs. It is a bit pricey to purchase ergonomic office chair for the whole office. Can one save money while getting nice chairs for whole office? You can choose to purchase used office chairs or get the brand new chairs  from office chairs supplier.

Used Office Chairs
The greatest advantage of getting used office chairs is enjoy great saving on the budget. As the chair was used by previous customer, the retailers need to mark down the price to sell the chair again. All the used chairs are checked by the retailers to make sure all the chairs are in good conditions before selling it again. If you search through internet, some retailer will label it as “open box deals”. Most of the used chairs are slightly used by previous customer. The reason releasing out the chair might be ordering the wrong colour or they chair are not suitable for them. It is totally a great bargain purchasing used office chairs.

There are also some disadvantages if purchasing used chair. Some of the retailers don’t allow customer return the chair. When used office furniture is purchased, it is final sale and the retailers can’t resell it with the same price. The value of the chair is getting lesser each time the chair is returned. Also, the original warranty of the chair may be void if you purchase used office chair. Although the chair comes with lifetime warranty, the warranty would not be passed down to you.

New Office Chairs
Most of the people would prefer getting new office chairs instead of getting used one. Purchasing brand new chair give you more choices you want and need to match other office furniture by looking the level of adjustability, colour, and upholstery. You can also make sure your office chair under warranty; the warranty period is depending on the manufacturers. If part of your chair break or it was break when you receive it, you can get the parts fixed free of charge. When you purchasing new office chair, most of the office chairs supplier Malaysia do not have enough readily quantity you are seeking. They usually have one sample foe customer to try on, which is not ideal for bulk purchase.

Getting brand new office chairs with several adjustments may exceed your business budget, especially if you are buying in bulk. If you have tight budget, you may consider getting used office chair to help saving budget. If you need the office chairs urgently, it is not recommended to purchase new chairs at the delivery take longer time.

Whether you company decides to purchase a new office chair or a used office chair, it is prior to do research online or visit the store directly to understand more about the specifications. Find out whether the chair comes with a warranty and how long that warranty will be extended for you, especially if you are looking to purchase a used chair. Do compare both type of office chairs before purchasing by determine the return of investment.

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