Choosing Office Partitions Malaysia

When deciding which type of office system to be used for the office, there is always a debate on open plan offices or private offices. There are many types of office partitions in Malaysia for selection. Before decide which office plan suit the most, you can do a comparison on culture, communication, and cost.

When an office comes with limited space, it is hardly to provide private office for each employee. Private offices are usually for higher position employees. A private office can only fit one working desk, which open office can place more working desk. Make sure you decide properly on office plan, as you hardly explain if you move them from private office to open plan workstation. There are study shows that smaller working space has more impact on employees’ performance.

The communication level in an office can be different according to type of work. Communication between employees can lead the increase of working productivity. They can exchange the knowledge and information between each other for better idea and outcome. Actually, different jobs need different environment for better production. For example, a software developers and engineer need a better concentration and no distraction, private office with door is preferable. For marketing team, it is better to place in open office  so they can discuss the project and brainstorm idea. If you simply place the worker in an open environment, in doesn’t effectively increase their productivity.

Summary of Benefits of Open Space

  • Suitable for company which need team discussion
  • Allow workers to communicate and exchange information. Convenience for asking question in open environment.
  • Some people prefer being around people rather working alone.
  • The open work environment also allows some to know what’s “going on” in the office—being “in the know”

Summary of Benefits of Closed Space

  • Privacy is the biggest benefit of private office
  • The idea of private space with wall is to keep you concentrate on work and feeling more secure in personal space
  • Private space can filter the noise distraction from outside

Most of the office spaces in Malaysia are limited, which are more suitable for open plan solutions. Most of the office furniture are designed capable of managing technology and improve the flexibility of the working environment. The cost for open plan offices is definitely cheaper than private offices. To create an effective and efficient with high performance work environment, you will need to consider the issues below:

(1) The system should allow changes in the future regarding number of employees or furniture placement without big budget

(2) Create a working environment which fulfills employees’ satisfaction. Open plan office doesn’t directly mean low panel partition which doesn’t provide sufficient privacy.

(3) Able to innovate office environment while maintaining installed base

(4) Design that support and integrate technology

(5) Ergonomic friendly environment suitable for every employee’s requirement

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