Office Chairs Supplier Malaysia Tips – Office Chair Adjustment

Most of us sit on office chair around 8 hours every day during working day. If you are spend most of your time sitting in an office chair, it is best to familiar yourself with the functions of the chair to maximize the usage. Properly adjust the chair to support your body can save you from unnecessary pain after long hours of sitting. If you feel pain during the day sitting the chair, it may not be the suitable chair. It is important to have the features below for a good office chair before approach office chairs supplier in Malaysia.

Basic Seat Height Adjustment

The most basic adjustment which almost every office chair has is seat height adjustment. Usually the adjustment can be found on the right hand side of the chair under the seat. To sit comfortable on office chair, make sure the chair is lowered enough to place your feet flat on the floor. If you are wearing heels while working, adjust the height so that your leg form 90° angle.

Another great feature on most office chairs is tilt tension. This adjustment usually forms by a knob located underneath of the seat. By twisting the knob you can lean back in the chair easier. When you pushed down it allows you to lie down on the chair, ad when you pulled up your chair is at the upright position.

Chair with Back Height Adjustment

The back height adjustment feature of the office chair allows you to position lumbar support within fixed range. If the chairs come with an “S” shaped back or built-in lumbar support, you might want to adjust it to align with your lower back. It is a big advantage to have a back rest with lumbar support especially when you suffer from lower back pain. It allows you to rest your back on the lumbar support and reduce the stress on your back.

Chair with Height Adjustable Armrests

If the office chair comes with armrest, most of them are adjustable which you can make up or down adjustment. For advanced armrest on office chairs, you can adjust width, pivoting, and slide forward and backward.  According to the idea of ergonomic, your arms should not be resting when typing as it will slow down the blood flow. By adjusting the armrest up and down, you can prevent slow blood flow. Armrest is not an essential feature to have on an office chair, so they can be handy when your arms need a break from continuous typing. Armrests can help supporting your arms so that your shoulders rest at a comfortable position when you are working.

It is important to have an office chair with basic adjustability as not everyone matches the standard office chair initially. If your current office chair does not contain basic adjustment, time to search for a more ergonomic office chairs.

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