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A Guide to Choosing the Ideal Office Chair

As an employee you will spend as lot of time seated. For instance, you will have to spend an average of 8 hours on a daily basis in your office. In a week you will have to work for 5 days which will end up adding up to 40 hours in a week while seated. In a moth in case you do the calculations you will end up realizing that you will be seated in your office for 160 hours which will add up to 1,920 hours in a year. This is a lot of time hence it is necessary for you to try as much as possible to select the best office chairs so that you will enjoy seating in your office. Here is a guide for you on how to choose the best office chairs:

Ergonomics sof the office chairs

For you to enjoy making use of your office chairs you should try and buy those that will tend to reduce injuries at work place. This will require you to consider the ergonomic of the chairs before buying them. Remember without considering the ergonomic of the chairs while buying you will end up buying chairs which will end up creating repetitive injurers in employees leading to a lot of time spent while trying to treat the sick. This will impact negatively on the overall performance of the employees in an organization. You should also consider the aesthetic value of the chairs that you are about to buy because the office chairs will form part of the extension of the office d├ęcor.

What should you look for exactly?

Adjustable Backrest or Lumbar Support

While taking into consideration the ergonomic of the office chairs that you are about to buy you should take into consideration in case the chairs allow adjustability of the lumber support. This is necessary because there are different people who will have different lumber sizes hence buying a chair that is adjustable will easily support different workers in an office. Adjustable office chairs with lumber support will also allow the user adjust while resting on the chairs leading to comfort for different people in the office irrespective of their sizes.

Adjustable Armrests

Arm rests should be adjustable so that different people will find it comfortable while resting on the chairs. With armrests you will easily achieve the appropriate posture while seated in your office which will lead you to accomplishing more work. In case your armrests are fixed then you should consider removing them because they can restrain your posture leading you to health complications.

Adjustable Height 

An ergonomic office chair should have an adjustable height. This is necessary because different people will have different heights hence a seat with adjustable height will enable different people adjust it easily. A good seat should allow the user adjusts the height till he or she rests the feet on the floor comfortably.

Try the office chairs before you buy

This is necessary for you to know if the office chairs that you are about to buy will exactly met your requirements. In case you are buying from online stores you should try and ask if they have a mobile showroom from where you can go and test the seats before buying.

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