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Choosing the Perfect Office Furniture

It is undeniably true that most Malaysians spent most of their day in the office. Many unfortunate people suffer in an office environment which is not designed to be conducive. Little do we all know, intelligently designed office furniture can make a huge difference in generating creative thoughts in your employees, thus increasing work efficiency. Here are certain considerations that we think you should keep in your mind no matter if you are setting up a professional business space or a small casual office.

1. List out your basic necessities

Make a detailed list of the basic furniture that you need in your office. This list should include items such as computers, fax machines, a photocopy machine, printers, telephones, storage cabinets and etc. Think of ways you plan to use your office. If you are an accountant then you will need plenty of storage cabinets to store huge bulky files. If you are an advisor then you will need some space in your office dedicated to meeting clients.

2. Pick a suitable location

If the nature of your work is corporate, you location is most probably predetermined. However, you will still need to think hard about how to fully make use of the space you’ve got. The things that you have to take into serious consideration are the location of the windows, entrance as well as the placement of power outlets. The best option would be having your office desks facing the entrance of the office and to make the most out of the available day light. If you have not gotten a specific lot for your office, ask yourself if you need a pristine, quiet area to work or are you less distracted towards the louse noises and the hustle and bustle of the city? This will help you pick locations for your office.

3. Choose the right type of furniture

In this modern era that we live in right now, there are so many solutions to help with stiff necks, back aches and bad posture due to staffs sitting on the same position for most of the day. Ergonomic office furniture is designed to keep the body in good condition so that your employees are not distracted by their discomfort and can pay full attention to their assigned tasks. Make sure you have good air ventilation in your office so that it does not feel stuffy and claustrophobic.

4. Select office furniture that suits your personality

This is where you get to show off your personal style that reflects who you are inside. Are you more of a person who prefers traditional or contemporary? Wood office furniture typically has more of a traditional feel to it while steel and glass pieces are more modern. You can even combine these materials to create a beautiful transitional environment if you’d like. A professional business office will need a consistent look. We do not recommend mixing around because it will look unprofessional and not well planned. Select a common aesthetic for you office desks, storage cabinets as well as other heavier furniture.


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