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Kitchen Cabinets Suppliers in Malaysia

Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

U-panel is one of the leading kitchen cabinets suppliers and kitchen cabinets manufacturers in Malaysia. Kitchen cabinets are usually exposed to maximum wear and tear because of extensive use. Due to this, many homeowners seek professional help regarding replacement and renovation on a regular basis. Cabinets are pulled and pushed numerous times every day. Moreover, smoke, heat and grease in the kitchen can cause a lot of further damage.

In case you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen cabinets, you can not ignore to include cabinets in your remodeling project. Remodeling or resurfacing proves to be way more affordable than replacement. However, if the damage can not be rectified, you will have to focus on innovative kitchen cabinets design ideas before replacement. Expert designers at U-Panel Furniture Industry make sure your kitchen cabinet doors are replaced in no time.

Kitchen Cabinets Replacement

Kitchen cabinets replacement is an integral part of kitchen remodeling. Kitchen cabinets renovations include a lot of different options. There are a lot of different designs, styles and materials available in the market. In this post, we have discussed these aspects in detail. U-Panel Furniture Industry makes sure that you have all information related to cabinet replacement before they start working on your cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinets Material

Kitchen cabinets are usually made of wood. You may also use laminate because of easy maintenance and durability. If you want wooden cabinets, glass or stainless steel doors are two other options available to you. A professional company always replaces your cabinet doors according to your preferences. You don’t need to necessarily choose a cabinet door constructed from the same material as the cabinet base. Only the base color and new doors should be matching.

Kitchen Cabinets Door Frames

During Cabinet renovations, U-Panel Furniture Industry uses frame-less as well as framed doors. Your choice will depend on the cabinet bases you have. A framed door can easily expose about one inch of the door’s frame on all the sides of the door.

As the name suggests, there are no frames in the front of frame-less doors. They are fixed on the sides of the cabinet base. Frame-less doors have hidden hinges, while they are exposed in framed doors. There are also some expensive framed doors which look frame-less when they are closed.

Kitchen Cabinets Designs

Basically, kitchen cabinets come in three different designs or styles. One is the simple flat design, second is the raised panel design and the third one is the recessed panel design. U-Panel Furniture Industry provides a number of different designs in these basic styles. Frames could easily vary in terms of thickness, edges could be straighter or curved, panels could be more flat or hollow and so on.

Kitchen Cabinets Hardware

This is the most important part of kitchen cabinets renovations. There’s a lot of room for experimentation with kitchen cabinets hardware. A sleek piece of hardware, like a basic handle or knob can be give a sophisticated look to your kitchen cabinets. Chrome knobs or ceramic knobs can add more style to your cabinets. You can mix and match different varieties and properly use them on the cabinets.

While choosing designs and styles for your kitchen cabinets renovations, you need to hire professionals to seek assistance. If you want to choose from a wide range of designs, and seek professional help will be your best choice. The company offers many different modern, stylish and elegant designs to give a complete makeover to your kitchen.



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