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Finding The Trusted Malaysia Kitchen Cabinets Supplier To Meet Any Need And Any Style You Like


In most homes in Malaysia, the kitchen represents the "center" of the home. More than just a place for preparing food, it is a meeting place and one of the most trafficked rooms in the house. Purchasing a "perfect" kitchen cabinet is a interesting and challenging task especially creating maximum storage space with most convenient access. Kitchen cabinets are installed when consumers add new kitchens or remodel existing ones. It is therefore of great importance to make the proper choice for smart storage solutions.

U-Panel Furniture Provide Higher Level of Satisfaction For You:

U-Panel Furniture Industry is a reliable Malaysia kitchen cabinets supplier under the brand name 'Artrend', was started since 1994 to manufacture the best kitchen cabinets. They began to also make office furniture and office accessories. U-Panel Furniture Industry sells their products across the Australia as well as in New Zealand, African countries, Asean and many others region. Through their website:, we can know that U-Panel Furniture is really a trusted name and one of the most notable and successful Malaysia kitchen cabinets supplier.

Although there is never really a down time for the company, U-Panel Furniture says the upcoming fall season is shaping up to be busier than usual. The downturn in the economy does not seem to have affected them, as we seem to be getting busier and busier. A lot of orders are coming in from each country and shipments are going out every week.

Environmentally Responsible Finishing:

U-Panel Furniture Industry under the brand name 'Artrend' as the leading Malaysia kitchen cabinets supplier in finishing system uses only water-based fillers and paints, yielding neither hazardous waste nor water contamination. Their urethane and acrylic materials are 100% solids, dried using good intensity lights, producing no atmospheric emissions. Their kitchen cabinets are totally durable to stains and surface breakage that can be caused by particular household chemicals. Their products exceed standards for resistance to stains like coffee, grape juice and moisture in your kitchen.

Good Designs and Colors:

Good design isn't the only thing that guarantees product quality and safety. All of your kitchen's parts and materials have to undergo stringent, uncompromising testing. Standardized testing is the only way that U-Panel Furniture as the best Malaysia kitchen cabinets supplier can evaluate a material's resistance to the stress it undergoes in carrying out its function.

Colors also bring light into the room. So choose light colors that reflect the light—a pale yellow or green, for example, or white. You won't get tired of them with time and they make the kitchen you have look larger. Still, choice of color is a very personal thing. U-Panel Furniture has a vast range of laminated and lacquered colors, shiny or opaque. And if you can't get exactly what you want, at U-Panel Furniture they will also paint their cabinets based on a sample that you give them.

The Bottom Line:

In 2013, at U-Panel Furniture Industry, they will keep on working hard to improve their quality, their flexibility, their trend products offering, their customer service and maintaining their competitive pricing to be better Malaysia kitchen cabinets supplier for valuable customers.

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