10 Question Before Approach Office Furniture Manufacturer

Due to the environment of the companies, there are many new office designs to fulfill different needs. For example, cubicles are being dismantled for more open space to fit in employees’ work station. No matter which design you prefer, we would focus on being lean and flexible. But how should be plan our office design? Before approach any office furniture manufacturer, you may ask yourself the below 10 question to make your mind clearly know what you want.

How do I provide privacy?
If you would want open office design, it is important to provide private spaces where employees can work quietly on individual task or have a short private conversation. When there is a group discussion needed, it can take place in meeting room to brainstorm idea.

How much space do I need for now and future?
Initially, office designer used to plan about 250 square feet per employee which included walled workspace with desk and personal items. The number had dropped to 150 square feet, which include each person’s laptop. This situation increased the number of companies letting employees work from home.

What if some people often work from home?
It had become a common situation for employees to work partly from home. Some home office company had also overlooked ergonomic issues which is also important. The computer monitor should position properly according to the height of chair and desk to avoid stress and strain on your back, neck, shoulders and eyes. The sufficient and right lighting is also important to reduce glare and eye strain.

How can I make my space flexible?
If you are a new, growing company, it is expecting to add more employees in the future. To avoid spending extra money on reconstruction in future, keep the space as flexible as possible. You may create an area where employees can plug in the laptop power supply to work. You may also consider use meeting room for group meeting, and use divider to adjust the room as big or as small as needed.

How do I make my reception area warm and welcoming?
Before your visitors enter your office, the first area they approach is reception area, which is also the first impression for them. It is important to create a comfortable and friendly. Allow daylight stream in and install soft and indirect artificial lighting. Interior designer suggested painting colour for certain vibe, such as creams and beiges for sophistication, blues for honesty and loyalty, and greens for prestige.

What do I want my office space to say about my company?
Your office design is one of the elements tell your corporate mission and image to client employees. Implement corporate colour on your interior design, display your product as sample for your client reference. This does not only help your visitor to understand you, but also allow your employees live the brand on daily basis.

What kind of employee behavior do I want to encourage?
You may want to build some culture in your office. For example, if you want to encourage recycling, you can install recycle corner in the office and provide clear instructions. Create a centralized coffee bar or printing station for the workers from other department to exchange thought and have a short chit chat.

Do I have comfortable places for employees to socialize and relax?
Working for long hours can be a disaster, but a short break to socialize and relax can recharge employee’s energy. Places like cafes and pantries are a good place for them to have a short break. Create a space that allow employees to social and rest is important to create balance and well-being.

How do I make the space environment friendly?
Due to environment changes of earth, environment friendly is an issue everyone concerning. Use recyclable, renewable and reusable materials in the office. To save energy, dim the light in the office and let the natural light enter the space. Use recycles paper for drafting or brainstorming when discussing project.

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