Choosing Reception Table From Office Furniture Malaysia

When visitor came to your office, most likely they will approach the reception desk. Reception area had become important area and you need to put more focus on it, especially design and image preferred. Reception desk is something you should not missed when choosing office furniture Malaysia. We will be discussing about reception desk in this article.

Reception desk has several functions in office. It is the barrier between public area and working area. The reception area identify where the working area begins which outsider should not simply enter without guidance. It is also a place that gathers information from clients when entering your building. Reception desk can keep receptionist items from the public to protect personal privacy. It provides privacy to protect important information about clients from others. As reception desk is the first thing people see when enter your office, it is important to make sure the office desk is in good condition.

When choosing office furniture, it should be adaptive and universal. In order to make this happen, the reception desk should be freestanding. The trends of office furniture are different every year. The desk should have the ability to change the material quickly as the trend change. The technology develops rapidly and we need to adapt on it. The reception desk should be able to adapt current technology and future. Each office are designed with different dimension and may limit your office furniture size. Consider customizing to fit the unique space of your reception area.

Since it is a important area in the office, there are several things to avoid when choosing reception desk. Avoid choosing heavy and specialty built reception desk. These desk are not freestanding designed and require complete tear down when you are planning to redo or move into new place. Do not choose the design with fancy gimmicks, such as hideaway monitors and technology features that may change rapidly. The size of reception desk play important roll too. Do not choose over large or too narrow work surface. Both sizes may cause inconvenient for receptionist on work. Avoid exposing the wire system from the public. You wouldn’t want to let your client messing up when filling out paper work. When choosing material for reception desk, avoid choosing fabric and real wood as both are difficult to maintain. Both materials look great when install but it get worse each year. Apply laminate which is easy to clean and resist scratching.

Before deciding which reception desk to get, consider which type of clients your office serves. The desk chosen should enable your clients to feel they are at home, which is what most of the clients would choose. Put yourself in client’s shoes what would you like to see when you walk in someone office. Along with reception desk, the receptionist needs a good office chair. Just like other employees, they are sitting there for nearly eight hours every day. Choose a good chair with supportive, comfortable, and set with wheels to allow moving around the desk.

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