Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets Tips from Kitchen Cabinets Suppliers

As one of the major kitchen cabinets suppliers, we will be sharing kitchen cabinets cleaning tips for different materials. We seldom spend time on cleaning kitchen cabinets. The key to cleaning kitchen cabinets is regular maintenance. Different materials of kitchen cabinets require different method of cleaning and maintenance steps.

Regular Kitchen Cabinets Cleaning Routines
The cleaning methods are almost the same, no matter you are working on kitchen, bath, or storage cabinets. When cleaning kitchen cabinets, we will be facing challenges to remove dirt, grease, bacteria, and fingerprints. Grease caused by cooking or cooking sprays, condensation from temperature changes and steam, dirt and bacteria from hands and food, these are all the stain that damage the cabinet exteriors. If you regularly cook in the kitchen, you probably need to clean it once a day. Some people might only need weekly cleaning. When cleaning your kitchen cabinets, don’t forget to clean the handles too.

Kitchen Cabinets Cleaning Tips For Different Materials
Wood Cabinets
Some kitchen cabinets are solid wood and coated with other materials, or even sealed with polyurethane, wax, or varnish, or left natural. General soap wood cleaner is working well on regular kitchen cabinets cleaning process. It is important to do frequent cleaning and polish for your wood cabinets. The changes of temperature from cooking and dishwashers can cause the wood damage and condensation. However, do not use wet clothes to wipe your kitchen cabinets. Choose antibacterial cleaner without bleach, wipe and rinse it with a clean damp cloth.

Painted Kitchen Cabinets
If your painted kitchen cabinets are sealed with more than one layer paint, it is more durable, especially oil-base paints. Same as cleaning wood kitchen cabinets, do not let the wood getting too wet. Rinse the surface with another clean cloth and clean water. Wipe the cabinet with antibacterial kitchen cleaner. If there is grease occur, wipe the cabinet with ammonia and water. Stubborn stain can be remove with baking soda and water. Don’t use strong cleaner or rough pads as they may scratch the cabinets’ surface.

Metal Kitchen Cabinets
Usually, metal kitchen cabinets have enamel finishing, so the cleaning method are the same way as painted cabinets. When cleaning metal kitchen cabinets, avoid soaking with water as it may cause rust. Regularly check the rust spots and touch up the surfaces with paint for metal.

Laminate Cabinets
To clean laminate kitchen cabinets, use all-purpose cleaner or white vinegar diluted in water to wipe the surfaces. Rinse and dry it with a clean cloth. Use a soft brush to clean the edge between the door and frame. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or cleaning pad. If there is stain on the cabinets, use baking soda and water to rub it.

How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets Interiors
To clean the interior of kitchen cabinets, wipe it with all purpose cleaner or white vinegar diluted in water. Use a toothbrush to clean the edge and cracks of the cabinets. Before placing back all the items or drawer, let it dry naturally. Consider of installing shelf paper on the surface for easier cleaning. You can choose either vinyl, or rubber to put on the kitchen cabinet surface as they are washable.

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