Cleaning Office Partitions Malaysia

In the 1960s, almost everyone have their own private office space, from clerk to president. However, most of the office nowadays was replaced by “open plan”, which is to make the space more efficient and more flexible office space and reduce costs.

When open plan was newly introduced, some people does not like the concept. Today, only a few have their office interior divided into private offices. Open plan systems are more accepted today as the development of partitions, metal dividers and fabric. Office partitions can separate the employees, which allow privacy between each other. Below are some tips for cleaning and maintenance of office partitions Malaysia.

Preventive Steps
To keep your office partitions clean and healthy, the most effective ways is to remove the dust and dry soils by vacuum it regularly. Most of the vacuum machine used by cleaning professionals are no or with very limited attachments.

When cleaning the partition, some fabric may covered by personal items of employees, to do list or family pictures. To effectively cleaning the partition, do remove the items on it and start vacuum work. Most of us only clean the partition once the restoration done. By cleaning regularly, the technician may clean their client’s partitions fabric quickly and clean.

Cleaning Concerns
Before knowing the cleaning method of fabric partitions, we should understand the materials and what we should not do. Partitions nowadays do not have a metal or wood backing, but a cardboard backing. The cardboard could become wet if too much moisture in the cleaning process. It may cause mold or mildew growth and the entire partition will need to be replaced.

Other issues to be aware of

  • Dyes used on some partitions do not stay on it as strong as the carpet and upholstery. If you are using strong cleaning detergent, test it on small inconspicuous area.
  • Smudges, spots, and stains can easily grow on fabric partitions. Most of them can be removed in extraction process but the ink stain might be a trouble. Use gel solvent to help the ink dissolve and disappear.
  • We usually start cleaning partitions from top to down. However, it should be clean from bottom to top. This is to avoid chemicals running down the fabric and causes discoloration.

Equipment Issues
The most common tools to clean office partitions is portable carpet extractor. Choose the machine with variable psi to clean different types of fabrics. The heated system helps to improve the effectiveness of cleaning chemicals. Using lesser chemical can help to protect the environment and saving money. The extractor helps to filters and recycles the cleaning solution decrease the time required for the cleaning process.

Other items in the partition cleaning arsenal include these:

  • The upholstery tools are compulsory when cleaning fabric partitions. When cleaning in process, overspray may happen and cause water and chemical fall on desk and nearby surfaces. Some upholstery tools have enclosed spray jet on the nozzles to help prevent overspray and moisture recovery.
  • To clean the partition, we always pre-sprayed with chemical. After sometimes, you may use a brush and clean it gently. The chemical will help to loosen and dissolve soils in the fibers. Put special attention to corners, edges, and tops of the partition. Smudges, oils, and soils are hiding there.
  • Prepare clean, absorbent towels to wipe the surface accidentally sprayed during cleaning. You may also cover your office furniture like desk, chairs, and nearby furniture with plastic to avoid getting wet.

Drying and Inspection
After cleaning the partition, it takes up to 24 hours to fully dry. Using disclosed spray nozzle may help to shorten then drying time, but too much water may need more than 24 hours for the partition to dry up. Do make sure uncommon areas of partition are cleaned as you will only lean it again for several months.

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