Common Mistake When Looking For Office Furniture

The process of getting new office furniture can be fun and overwhelming. Buying office furniture can be trickier than getting office supplies as there are several factors that you need to consider before making decision. No matter you are starting out new business or giving a new look to your office, you will need to spend some times on doing research which office furniture is suitable for your space. Here are some mistakes that you should avoid when searching for office furniture.

Consider Office Furniture Over Comfort
In the market, there are some office chairs with good design but lack of comfort. It is important to consider the comfort of your employees, clients, and yourself when choosing office furniture. The design is important, but it should not be the main focus when making decision on office furniture. Consider how the chairs are going to feel after sitting hours on them. Visit store or office furniture supplier to test on the office furniture before buying it. This might be taking up some times, but it save up your cost in long run.

Not Considering About Employees
Everyone is a unique individual, not everyone have the same comfortable level on the same office furniture. An office table that suit a tall person may not be comfortable for someone who is shorter. You may choose office chair with adjustable features, which allow your employees adjust the height to fit their body. To increase office chair’s comfort, add on arm rest and upholstery. Since your employees are going to use the office furniture every day, it is important to put them in consideration and choose something that work for them.

Purchase Without Any Plan
Just like other investment, making any purchase without any initial planning may lead you to regret on the decision. When deciding the office furniture, consider how often the furniture will be used and will it be good for long term usage. If you are moving from your current office to bigger space, consider what kind of new office furniture you need. Make a list on the office furniture you have and you planning to purchase. Ask around your employees about current office set up and the anticipations on new office. Don’t stick yourself on design trend and leave your office outdated in future.

Consider Price Over Quality
A lower price item is attractive as it appealing to your budget, however the quality may not reach your expectation or as good as higher price product. Two similar office chairs may looks the same, but the expensive one may last longer and worth for the money. Choosing good quality over price can make sure your investment is worth of the price.

Not Considering Office Furniture Colour
Besides of comfort and quality, the colour of office furniture is also another element that you shouldn’t neglect. Usually, different manufacturer have the same name for a colour, but the tone may have slightly different and not match up. Try ordering your office furniture with the same manufacturer to avoid colour mismatch. If you are ordering from different office furniture manufacturer,  make sure you pay a visit to the store before purchase.

Not Trying Out Before Purchase
It is true that the saying “try before you buy”, which also apply on office furniture. Visit the store to try on different office chair and office table. Try if the office chair you like fit under the office table you like. Testing on the office furniture can save up your money on buying the wrong items.

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