Fighting Neck Pain with Office Furniture Manufacturer

Enduring any type of pain in the office is not a easy task, but neck pain after working infront of computer all day long is killing. When working for long period infront of computer, we will be struggling of finding the perfect position. Thanks to the ergonomics office furniture, we can now fight the pain with office furniture manufacturer.

What Causes Neck Pain?
The neck pain happened in office usually cause by improper posture. Keeping the head turned to view a computer screen or keyboard, talk on the phone, or back bent over a desk are the main causes of office related neck pain. IT is hard to change the habit, but using ergonomic furniture can encourage individual with proper body posture.

How to Fight Against Neck Pain?
People who work as telemarketers and phone users might unaware that phone can cause neck pain. Holding the phone between head and shoulder in order to use the hand during phone call is the main cause of the neck pain. If you have personal room, you may use speaker through the phone. If you are working in a shared space, attach a headset to allow your hands to do some notes during the conversation.

According to ergonomic expert, most of the causes of neck pain in the office is formed by improper posture. You will need to define your office desk placement. If you regularly turning your head or leaning forward to view your screen or keyboard, adjust your computer screen and keyboard placement. This will stretch your muscle of neck, shoulders, and upper back which causes terrible pain. With the monitor and tablet arms, you can reposition it and encourage proper sitting pose. The computer monitor should be at eye level with the screen about one arm length away from eyes.

Not only computer screens, incorrect posture of other body part can also cause pain throughout the body. It is important to make sure the whole body is in comfort posture along the working hours. Choosing a chair with arm rest and headrest can help you to release the pain and encourage the proper posture. Office chair with adjustable height allow you to rest you leg flat on the floor. The work station surface should be big enough to allow space for all computer-related necessary equipment, paperwork, books, and other materials needed while working infront the computer. Working with materials on chairs and staying improper posture increase the potential of neck and other body strain. Items which is frequently use should be kept close to avoid stretching your hand.

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