Guidelines Of Planning Home Office

As the office trend changed, many people preferred working at home for more comfortable environment. It is relaxing to work on the couch while watching TV, but it will definitely affect your productivity. We usually want a separate room in the house to turn it into office space. Sometimes, we have limited room to use it office space. Organizing home office isn’t an easy task, but it is necessary to remain productive and comfortable environment. Office furniture manufacturer like us, U-Panel, are here to give you some tips and help you to organize your home or corporate office.

Putting Organizational System
If you have an organization system in your home office, the office space will be more functional. Before deciding the office placement, figure out what is your ideal planning. To organize your space, you may include facilities like multi-level organizers for unsorted papers, a file rack for current projects or a filing cabinet.

Clean off Unwanted Stuff on Office Table
If you are busy with work and have limited office table space, then the table surface would be full of papers, sticky notes, and office supplies. It’s time to clean up the table! To start, remove everything on the table except computer, printer, and phone. Then, categorize the papers accordingly and eliminate unwanted papers. Use the organizational system to help sort through everything and keep it neatly in the drawer or on the desk.

Managing The Cable
If you noticed, most of our working desk is full of wires and cables. The cables and wires not only causing tripping hazard, it also make your office looks messy and unorganized. To reduce the visibility of cable in the office, keep away the electronic products when you are not using, or use wireless device such as mouse, keyboard or printer. Also, you can use cable ties, clips, or straps to bundle up them in one place. Keep them behind office table or in a bin under the table where no one trip over.

Place Frequently Use Item Closer
You will probably spending time on search throughout your working desk whenever you need a pen, sticky note, or stapler. Keep the frequently used item closer to your sitting position by placing them in a container or top drawer. If you have reference book, consider placing a bookshelf next to your desk.

Organizing Daily Task and Calendar
Being organized can effectively increase your work efficiency and productivity. Plan on how you are going to keep track your tasks, meetings, and other important notes. Some people prefer using digital format so it is paperless, and some prefer to use hand written so they can remember better. If you prefer using digital, manage your online calendar by connect them on both computer and phone. If you prefer writing on sticky notes or papers, use a memo board to keep track all the important events. Make sure all the information is updated time to time.

Most of us thought that working at home is better than visual office, but we always easily get distracted and hardly organize home office. The best solution is look for the right working style for you to stay productive.

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