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The demand of set up spaces for working at home is increasing rapidly this day. Some small businesses allow the team members to work from home, and freelancer love the home office lifestyle that both productive and creative. In the modern world, we are connected with smartphones, tablets, and laptop which is convenience to work anywhere. However, not all managers allow the employees to work without monitoring them, and the network security is one of the issues too. However, the benefits of working from home are healthier, cheaper, more productive and greener. You will want to make sure that you work efficiently and comfortable at home. Office furniture manufacturer can help you to arrange workstation and surrounding as perfectly as possible, what you need to do is follow the rules discussed.

  1. One Room For One Purpose Only

When initially start working at home, you will be sitting on the couch or kitchen table with your laptop open. Professional believes that it is problematic as you will more likely get into the mood of the surrounding that you are working.

It is recommended to design a room to avoid distraction and access to natural light and air. Use an attractive wall clock to keep you focusing on finishing the task within schedule. You may also place a table lamp to create warm atmosphere, and place a small bulletin board to pin reminders or some encouragement photos.

  1. Focus on Comfort and Usability

Working at home can be both feng shui and ergonomic principles. Choosing the right working desk and chair is very important especially working for long hours. An adjustable angles and heights office chair enable to fit different people. A working desk with keyboard tray can help to ensure your elbows rest at the same height when you type. The monitor should be the same level with your eyes and at least 20 inches away from your head. Remember to rest your eyes and stretch your body once every hour.

Place your sit facing the room entrance and windows, so you don’t feel anything happening behind you and able to see the monitor while knowing what’s happening outside. Items you are reaching often like headphones, checkbooks, stamps, phone, fax, printer, sticky notes, and other necessary items should be within reach. Other item can be keep out of sight to keep the space tidy and clean.

  1. Maintain Access to the Non-Virtual

Working at home spend most of the time on their working hours online, and focusing on electronic files hosted in the cloud which shared between workers. However, you will occasionally face physical world by having discussion and sign contract face to face. As a management team, you will often sign on printed hard copies documents and cheques.

A cabinet to keep the document for reference is needed for your home office. Prepare a 3 tiered tray holder helps to keep your paper organized. Colour code the folder may also help you easily look for the information in the future when needed.

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