How Office Furniture Can Affect Productivity in the Workplace

Office is the place where many of us spend almost 40% of our lives for a living. Hence, it is quite critical that we would demand for our offices to be as comfortable as possible. Employees would not like to spend time in offices that are cluttered and crowded. They also would like the lighting to be quite good and bright. A good office is not just about the best of flooring, walls, lighting and other such things. It also includes the right office furniture and other fixtures and fittings. There are studies to prove that well thought out and well-placed furniture could help a lot in improving the overall productivity in the workplace.

How It Works

There is no doubt that whether it is office tables or other types of furniture, each one has a role to play as far as boosting productivity is concerned. While it may not be possible for offices and workplaces to replace all the furniture in one go, they are taking steps for updating drab and boring furniture with modern and stylish pieces. The cost is not very high and it indeed is a very small price to pay considering the fact that it will go a long way in making the work environment more enjoyable, and will bring in positivity and energy as far as the workers are concerned. We will also look at some things that could help in keeping the employees organized.

Good Storage Solutions Help Keep Employees Organized

Employees and for that matter each one of us dislike working where things are cluttered and kept in an unorganized fashion. This could lead to frustration and could also lead to lost productivity whenever it is about completing tasks. There are studies to prove that employees, on an average, might be spending around 4.3 hours every week looking for documents. When you have the right storage system, it can help to keep important documents and files well organized and well-managed. Employees will be able to meet deadlines much better and they also will be better prepared for meeting and be in a position to handle phone calls and requests for information from their superiors and subordinates and peers.

It Could Reduce Pain and Discomfort

For example, if you have office chairs that are badly designed and flawed, it could cause quite a bit of discomfort and also lead to back pain and other such problems. It could lead to a drastic drop in productivity and the employees in some cases may also be forced to opt out of work for a few days if the pain becomes severe. Hence, workplaces must invest in good seating arrangements. While it should be comfortable, at the same time, it also must be trendy and modern without looking drab and dull. You also must choose the right colour of the chairs and it must be in line with the overall ambience of the workplace.

It Could Segment Your Office

You often have huge offices without any designation or direction and this could make a person to feel all at sea when he or she has met a person. If you have an office where furniture is coloured differently and organized differently, it will help in better segmentation.


Therefore, it is quite obvious that proper, intelligent and well-thought-out arrangement of furniture in your office can impact you in more ways than one.

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