How to Choose Office Chairs Supplier Malaysia

We spend majority of the time sitting and working in front of the computer, which is more than sleeping on the bed at night. Long hours sitting the chairs can broke it easily. To extend the office chair’s life, you will need to do cleaning and maintenance, as this can help on keep your chair looks new. Below are some tips given by office chairs supplier Malaysia.

Purchase a Long-Lasting Office Chair
First, you will need to look for office chairs that designed for long-lasting. When you are looking for office chairs supplier Malaysia, you will notice the price range offered are big different depends on your budget and choices. Get the one with good quality components so you will not need to purchase another new chair often in one or two years. This can help you to save your money and time on searching new office chairs.

Always Check for Manufacturer Warranty
Most of the office chairs comes with manufacturer warranty. It would take times to read the entire manufacturer’s warranty and determine whether the chair is worth to invest. You may ask the suppliers which part of the chair are warranted, some are given 10 years or lifetime warranty. When a part breaks on your office chair, the manufacturer will need to replace it free of charge.  This is why some manufacturer provides short or limited warranty. The fabric seats always have the lesser warranty time as it is the first part of chairs to fade. If you don’t want your office chair’s fabric fade over time, look for higher grade fabric or choose vinyl/leather chairs.

Clean Your Chair Regularly
Cleaning your office chairs regularly is important as the spills and stains happen. A good upholstery cleaner help you to keep the chair looks new for years. Keep the cleaner and rag in a convenient place in case spills happens. Clean it as soon as possible before the stain spread and stays in the fabric. You can also make your own fabric cleaner with warm water and some detergent. Clean it gently to avoid damage on the fabric. If you are a careless person, you may chose vinyl or leather office chair which is easier to clean.

Inspect the Chair Every 6 Months
Office chairs are just like other machinery, the screws and bolts might become loose as time passed. To avoid any accidents, you should check your chair at least once every six months to make sure all the components are tightened and safe. If there is any broken part found, contact your dealer to check whether the part is under warranty. You will able to get replacement parts for free with good warranty given by the dealer or suppliers.

Do Not Lean Too Far Forward or Too Far Back
To make sure you chair serve you for longer time, do not lean too far back that the wheel pr leg lift up from the floor. Leaning too far back may cause the structural damage or loosen key components. Do not put all your weight on the front of your chair as you may fall onto your desk if worse.

Determine the Weight Rating
A standard office chairs can hold up to 250 pounds, and some can hold up to 550 pounds, except the specially big and tall office chairs. If your weight requires specialty chair, it is recommended to pay extra money to get one as it may not be under warranty and the chances of breaking the office chairs is higher.

These chairs are constructed with durable components, such as steel frame which is designed for heavy duty. Make sure you check with office chairs supplier before purchasing the chair.

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