Office Furniture Trends in 2019 and Beyond


The modern office’ has been constantly evolving in order to take care of upcoming working strategies, including flexibility. This is all meant to attract both staff and clients. Although, you will come across a wooden’ or traditional office’ desks that come with basic office’ chair. There are several options provided to outfit either your home office or the corporate workspace. You realize most of the workspaces have been able to adapt to the new realities of labor, and they are no longer responding to only the aesthetic question or the fashion, but also, understanding and fitting in the office. Therefore, the following are office trends in 2019.

-Office Workstation

You can get great office workstation’ and the system of office partition from Artrend’. Their quality is adorable since they are built using long lasting aluminum that assures great versatile solutions. The Artrend’ workstation and system of office partitions offer sustainable solutions for the interior design’ and the office fittings of your office. For many years Artrend strategically located itself as being a highly competitive supplier and manufacturer of office open plan, office partition and work stations both in Malaysia and the market’ overseas.

-Office Chairs

A nice office chair will always bring in a huge difference when it comes to productivity and comfort. There are different styles of office chairs’ provided in the market today. Therefore, you can go for one that perfectly takes care of your needs. For example, the U-Panel’ office chairs are excellently designed to provide efficient use on a daily basis. These office chairs are ergonomic. They are built in this form to help the user maintain good posture because they allow’ you to lean forward’ and be able to perform the tasks in front of you. The adjustable’ office’ chairs are molded’ and cushioned to provide you with the maximum comfort especially if you tend to spend long hours on your desk.

-Office Tables

Following many years, white tables have dominated the face of the office furniture. We have recorded gradual change and adoption of the dark furniture colors, for example, the Wenge’, the Oxidised oak’ and the black painted’ finishes. Dark office tables have distinctively stood out in the office. They have proved to be highly sophisticated and elegant alongside the natural greenery complement.

-Healthy working Space

Currently, office furniture’s are being built focused on the health of the workers. Most of the companies are aware of why it is important to create a healthy office when it comes to furniture. They are highly encouraging active lifestyles among their employees. For example, Sit-Stand’ furniture brings on greater activity level, which is good in suppressing diabetes, risk of heart-related’ diseases and muscular issues such as neck and back pain.


You realize most of the office furniture trends are highly focused on the well being of their employees by assuring them greater flexibility, high activity level, and good relation time while at work. The office furniture styles that are characterized by dark wood’ colors complemented with plants and natural’ materials have greatly helped towards the creation of stress-free’ working environment.

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