Office Lighting Tips by Office Furniture Manufacturer

When we are reading through the office furniture tips online, there are many mentioned about the importance of lighting. We can’t deny that a proper office lighting system can help the staff stay focus on work and be more productive. Many company spent too much budget on office lighting to help improve the daily work and efficiency. As a office furniture manufacturer, we would like to share with you some useful tips for office lighting with the lesser budget.

  1. Table lighting:
    If your office is lack of lighting, you can start with having task lights on every office table in the office. Task light is also known as table lamp or reading lamp where the light point to the book or documents on the table. Table light allows you to read better especially for people who have weaker eyesight. Most of the company will provide table lamp if needed. Some company will also provide discount coupon for the employees to purchase table lamps with their own choice.
  1. Natural sunlight:
    Although artificial light is very important in the office, natural sunlight is also important which we can’t ignore. The windows in the office should allow the sunlight access into indoor as they are good for health and have better mood when working. If your office has a balcony, they would tell you that it is refreshing after relaxing under the sunlight and they are more energetic to work the remaining hours. By installing big wide glass windows in office building, it can allow the sunlight enter the office building. You can also really better with sunlight as sunlight show more colour than artificial light.
  1. Ceiling lighting:
    Just like other artificial light, ceiling lighting is also very important, especially in modern office. It needs to have enough lighting for the employees to work in the office. You may see that lighting doesn’t have any connection with productivity, but there are many research shows that it affects employees’ performance. Installing a good, bright, and cool ceiling lights in the office can help your eyes looks clearly and improve productivity.
  1. Install lights at the same height:
    Many people does not realize the importance of height of the light, even some contractor or interior design does not state the problem. You shouldn’t put the light wherever you want at the ceiling, walls, or corner of the office. Consider installing the light at the same height with the same type of lighting. Avoid installing wall lighting and floor lamp at the same time. This may affect the lighting effect and causes worse eyesight.
  1. Avoid direct eye contact lights:
    In the market, there are some LED lights which designed with less energy and provide brighter light.. However, it directly pointed in the eyes when you install them in the ceiling or on the walls. This may result eye pain and it is impossible for the employees to work normally as the light pointed their eyes directly. Avoid installing the light where it directly contacted the eyes.

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