The Impact of Lighting On Productivity

Many company owner are looking for way to improve efficiency of the employees, it is also the top priority of the company too. To achieve this, you can take a look on the office interiors that can be beneficial for productivity, which is the lighting. We all know that that reading in the dark can harm your eyes, but lighting has the impact on the productivity too. Office furniture Malaysia had become an important role on the planning of the interior too.

Lighting Affects Productivity

According to study, the lighting in the office had become the initial factors that affect productivity of employees. The natural and artificial lighting has an impact to the office environment. An office environment with insufficient lighting can strain your eyes, cause headaches and irritation. However, extreme lighting can also cause problem for employees too. Keep the light in appropriate level with the balance of natural and artificial lights to ensure the employees’ productivity is maximize.

Let’s discuss about the lighting system in office. If you are currently using dim light, it can cause eye strain and headaches as the lighting is insufficient, your eyes are forced to focus more to see things clear. Under dim lighting environment, you may feel drowsy and lack of focus. Harsh lighting is just harmful as dim lighting. Florescent lighting not only causing eye strain, but also trigger migraine headaches to you and makes your eyes hardly focus.

To solve this problem, the best is allow the natural light appear in the office. Studies shows that windows is a important segment in the office, as lightings affect how well we can see and our mood, behavior, and even hormone balance. Natural lighting has more light spectrum compare with artificial lighting system, which means we can see more clearly under natural light. By using natural lighting, employees are happier, better attendance, lesser illness, and encourage satisfaction.

Investing in natural lighting is definitely worth for the cost. Although the initial cost for lighting renovation may be shocking, but it is benefits for long terms by energy saving and gain productivity that make up the cost of investment. According to some examples of our clients, they planned to renovate the office to make it more workers friend. They upgraded by installing windows to allow the natural lights come into the room. It may cost more than 50,000 thousand on renovation, but the return of investment is more than the cost paid, as the productivity of employees improved. Many companies may not realize the productivity increases as the result of lighting.

As the light is the key component of vision and it helps us for 80 to 85 percent of knowing the world around us, we shouldn’t ignore proper lighting especially in the office which could bring us negative impact of productivity. Both harsh lighting and dim lighting brings the equal harm to the productivity of your workers.  Productivity is the reflection of how comfortable is the environment. The lighting of the environment helps not only the employees’ productivity, but also their overall mood as well.

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