The Importance Of Reception Counter

Most of us know that the first impression is very important. Popular commercial do also said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This is very true especially when dealing with clients or general public. In the office, reception area plays the role of first impression to your visitor and employees. How should you plan your reception area? Find out some tips how office furniture can help on creating a welcoming and professional reception area.

Reception counter is the main furniture at reception area, which is the place to meet and direct clients, also represent your business image to the general public. It is important to keep your reception counter uncluttered and easy accessible. The overall look of your reception area will be determined by the image you wish to present.

No matter what kind of image you wish to present, the quality is the initial consideration. To create the right first impression of your company, the look, style and type of materials used for the reception counter is very important. Most of the customer and visitor judge about your company professionalism base on the first impression when step into your office. Make sure your reception table is well-organized

Before deciding which kind of reception counter suit your office the best, just like other area, you will need to consider the space available at the reception area. Get the measurement for the area and pick the counter that does not take too little or too much space. The space should be enough to fit in other complementary office furniture and chairs. Always pick the right size office furniture to make sure your office space looks balance and professional.

Depends on your business nature, people who will visit your office are different. When choosing suitable reception counter, get the one that appeal to your clients. Put yourself on client’s shoes, consider choosing something you would like to see when you walk into someone office.

Reception area does not only focus on reception counter, but also other office furniture and interior decorations too. Before making final decision on which reception counter to get, imagine how other item will blend in with the reception area. Consider if the they will goes well or clash if placing in the same space. Get reception counter that able to blend with all kind of interior decorations, and still looking good if the room is plain.

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