Tips of Working Healthy In Office

Working under an uncomfortable environment definitely will lead to unproductive and inefficient. What are the solutions that help us to maximize out workspace? Many people looking for ways to make their office a comfortable space for their employees and themselves. Today, we as an office furniture manufacturer are sharing the tips of working healthy in the office.

Adjust Your Chair
If your office is still using old designed office chair, it’s time to change it with ergonomic features. Ergonomic office chair allow you to adjust the setting according to individual needs. Adjust the position to fit in the task you are working on to stay comfortable. If you are working on your desk all day long, keep you back with the chair to support your back and neck to avoid pain.

Kick Up Your Feet
If you are working long period sitting infront the desk, exercise your body by kicking your feet and stretching. Prepare a root rest under the table, which help you to take pressure off your knees, improve blood flow, and also have your working more effectively. If you are not planning to invest for a foot rest, you can make it by using a cardboard box, stack of magazines, or old pillow.

Practice Good Posture
Sit with a good posture is one of the main point of office comfort, which also mean a bad posture can harm your health and life. There is studies show that 98% of office employees improved their posture by putting reminder around their workstation. When sitting infront your desk, keep your body contact with the chair back. Keep your computer monitor aligned with your eye level to avoid looking up and down. It may be hard to keep this habit, but it will be a perfect working posture with a little practice.

To become more productive and functional throughout the working time, it is recommended to invest in ergonomic tools to help you complete your daily task in comfort. Install keyboard tray to help you take off the pressure from your wrist and type faster. Consider adding mobile pedestals under the desk to allow your employees to keep the office table surface neat and organise. Important files can be keep in the pedestal to avoid lost in the future.

Natural Light and Green Plant

If the office design allow, let the natural light go into the office. It helps to protect your vision and keeping employees productive. If the office doesn’t have windows, consider skylight or have a walk outdoor to get some Vitamin D. Putting some indoor plant can help on reduce stress and adding some green elements in office space. Make sure the plants are not too big which block the walk way, or hard to take care which may be troublesome for the employees.

The combination of good habits and ergonomic products help you on become one with the workplace. You will find it amazing and easy to function after some times. Working in a healthy office environment does not only benefits to the company, but also each individual in the office will also stay healthy and work efficiently.

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