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What Office Chairs Can Do for Your Office

How do you determine your first impression of a company? By company name, company logo, staff, or company environment the moment you step in the office? A company environment has a big influence on business both for your employees and clients.

You might not have a proposal that meet your clients needs, but the first sight of clients while visiting office may influence the impression of your company. Clients regularly come to office for meeting and discussion, a good quality and fashionable office furniture is important.

There are few things to consider while planning your office space, such as desk space, power and data placement, equipment placement, and also meeting space. We will also looking into comfort and design of the furniture while deciding. A combination of style and comfort with ergonomically designed office furniture will be the best idea.

Comfort – A flexible workstation that suit the employee daily task, either standing, sitting, work on computer or on the phone. 

Efficiency – Placement of equipment and employees according to the usage of equipment to increase convenience.

Communication – Internalor external communication convenience and privacy of the communication content.

Productivity - Maintaining working flow or effectiveness of the working process.

Effectiveness – Reaching goals and objectives of company by optimizing workspace comfort and convenience.

Even in a limited space, with a clever planning you would meet the above five point for your office design.
U-Panel provides a wide range of products for your office with both standard and custom-made furniture. We provide computer table, metal base furniture, open plan & partition, office hair, misc furniture, home furniture, and office furniture (director table, executive’s tables, writing desk & pedestals, meeting tables, cabinets, and reception counter). We believe a good working space gave lots of positive effects to the company.

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