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Your Complete Guide to Office Chairs

If you are not a sales person, and you were staying in the office, a good office chair is very important for you. The idea by Charles Darwin, the origin of modern chairs has added wheels on a wooden armchair. An office chair should be ergonomically designed to support your body shape and type. A bad sitting posture may lead to high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels, even a sprain injury.
To stay healthy while staying in your working space, there are few tips to take note.

1. Computer screen placed at eye level
If you place your screen at the wrong level, it may caused eyes dryness and increases the eyes sensitivity to light. The best distance between you and the screen should be an arms length directly in front of you.
Not only your body needs some exercise, your eyes need too! If your eyes feeling not well, get some rest and exercise by rolling your eyes to different direction around one minutes.  

2.   Stay your shoulder s and neck relaxed
Neck is one of the important supports of your body. There are some offices chairs come with neck support design to help on relaxing the stress of your body.

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3. Good back support
As mentioned, a bad sitting posture may lead to strain injury. Leaning forward for a lonf period may cause more strain of your back. To avoid this, make sure your lower back is properly supported by adjusting the height of your chair. Also, knees should be level with your hips and your feet are flat on the floor.

4. Lower back support
If your office chair doesn’t met your body shape and support, place a cushion at your lower back area of your seat.

5. Adjust your chair to correct height.
For long sitting position, keep your wrists and forearms straight and level with the floor while using keyboard. Your arms should form a L-shape so that is decrease the strain.

6. Stay away from Overstretching
To avoid straining muscles from over stretching, place the object that you regularly use easy reach.

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